Monday Dapulse Review Testimonial by KTLLC

KTLLC works with our customers to bridge the ambiguity between apps and platforms and eliminates the adoption setbacks that plaque most organizations trying to integrate all these different systems.  In this, we created this Monday Dapulse Review Testimonial because there are so many project management and task management tools out there!  From the aerial view,  the average customer client just wants something that accomplishes the dailies.  To Do items and keeping things in front of them.  However, some of the tools and solutions out there create more work for the organization instead of more efficiency.

Project Management

We have tried and tested dozens of project management solutions.  Initially we took a stab at LiquidPlanner and found it to be too many boxes and check boxes and fields and stuff.  Now what does that mean?  In project management you want those options; however, with all the things coming at us daily from facebook notifications to various other interruptions, we found that all that “noise” on the front visual end made it hard to focus on what we wished to accomplish.  Alternatively, we were seeking something that had those options but that would not put them all in front of us so our eyes and mind could focus and not get the canny valley look from going from screen to screen with so much to look at with no real purpose.

Monday (formerly known as Dapulse) came as a complete surprise because we found that if you understand project management you have to have “vertical levels” of organization and the fact that we could create a folder, followed by Boards, followed by Pulses.  Well that just made project management a easy as we only put in what WE needed the way WE needed it (both  visually and structurally).  When we found that to the right of each pulse we could state a status, this made all the difference in project management because picture this: you are working on a project so you go to the folder and the appropriate board.  Then, inside the board are your pulses or “tasks” if you will in which you can edit and add check lists inside to go micro on tasks and never get bogged down with over burden clutter at the front end.

Task Management

We also tried several task management tools such as Google Keep, Zoho Tasks,, and even the more advanced Projecturf.  Yet once again, either they were too simplistic in that we couldn’t collaborate with others on the simplest of tasks or to collaborate meant only shared communications and updates but no real dialog.  What we were looking for was something that allowed us to create checklists but that they were a part of a bigger picture with full collaboration and most importantly, Google calendar integration.

Well we got that from Monday INCLUSIVE as we found after we setup the folders, boards and pulses.  We are able to assign a Shared or Private board to a colleague and let them handle things, all the while giving and delegating and adding items in the intuitive Updates and Infoboxes.  Specifically, the Updates area is where we can create extremely useful checklists and create and continue a dialog just as we wanted with a quick and simple task to-do application but giving us much greater collaboration capabilities.

Monday Pricing

For anyone that is tired of trying other applications I am with you.  Literally, the road is littered with and other services emails telling me welcome to our “free trial!” which I would soon abandon because of the lack of vertical scalability and collaborability components.  Well in our opinion, Monday is also fair in their pricing as it allows you to have 5 users for $25 a month.  And this is very fair when you consider that Projecturf wanted $50 a month for what is a over developed Task management app and a poor attempt at Project Management.  In addition, Projecturf then jumps to $150 if you have more than 5 projects which in Monday is the same for Boards of which you have no limit.


If you are going to seek out a scalable and vertically capable solution for task management and project management, take a stab at Monday and start with their free trial.  It opens up fully functional and once you create your first board, pulse and checklist and invite just one guest or team member –the light bulb will go off and you’ll be well on your way.  Let me know what you thought of the service!  In the words of Dennis Miller, “…of course, this is just my opinion — I could be wrong.”