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Retention Marketing Tutorial

Acquisition marketing usually receives most of the attention by those businesses that understand marketing is important.  However, retention marketing pays for itself and is the most valuable type of marketing when it is made an active part of your Financials. If you have any questions, reach out to us....

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JobNimbus Setup Video Tutorial

JobNimbus Setup Video Tutorial Enjoy this thorough and free JobNimbus setup video tutorial for anyone looking to get it setup and going.  CRM systems like Jobnimbus are great once they are fully configured.  However, some are easier and faster while others are literally monsters that require a dedicated CRM “personnel.”  Let us know if you need any other specific areas explained further. Completely free JobNimbus setup tutorial for any service business. JobNimbus can be used by any service type and can actually carry a limited amount of products. Reach out to us for a custom installation including forms setup,...

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Case Study Roofing Contractor

A brief video case study of what Knowledge Transfer LLC can do for a service based business. Most businesses need a solution to dominate Service Control which can make all the difference.  Reach out to us for a custom solution for your business....

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